Thank you for visiting this page! We’re really pleased that you’re taking that step to support our organisation financially. We depend on people like you investing in the work we do. How exciting, that we can partner together with you, to make a positive difference in our world!

We’re well aware that it’s much more natural to want to donate towards missionaries and projects overseas than to the operational costs of an organisation. But without donations to our NZ office, we wouldn’t be able to make the impact that we are making in Asia. Currently one of our biggest challenges is to cover our operational costs (which are fairly modest, relative to what we are achieving). So, we encourage you to donate to our NZ Support Office account – these donations are tax-deductible if you’re NZ based. Follow up your online bank-transactions with an email to stating the details of your donation with your full name and address – then we can issue you a receipt.

Online credit card Donations:

Click the “Donate” button below to make a donation online using either your credit card details or your paypal account.

Bank Transactions:

Direct deposits can be made into either of the following ANZ bank accounts:

NZ Office Support: 01-0434-0091261-00
Overseas Project Donations: 01-0434-0091261-02

Post Cheques to:

Asian Outreach Trust

P.O. Box 97222
Manukau City 2241
New Zealand
Phone: +64-21-833582