Imagine not being able to just turn on your kitchen tap and fill up a glass of clear, clean water. While we take this simple luxury for granted in New Zealand, in countries like Cambodia, almost half of the rural population have no access to clean water! We don’t think that’s fair. And we’re doing something about it.

We’re fundraising to provide rural Cambodian families with BioSand Water Filters and latrines. This gift of clean water and improved sanitation offers a healthier future to children and parents alike – a future free from the waterborne illnesses which are currently hindering their lives. 

Each water filter and latrine set costs $500 NZ. Maybe your family is in the position to contribute funds towards a BioSand Filter and latrine. What an incredible gift that would be from one family to another! Keep reading below to find out how the BioSand Water filters work and how many Cambodians are also receiving the “life-giving waters” of Jesus through this project.


BioSand Filters are literally changing lives physically and spiritually. Families continue to retrieve water from local contaminated sources, but now when they pour this dirty water through their BioSand Filter, it comes out safe to drink! At least 99% of impurities are removed as the water travels through gravel and sand inside the filter, which they help to assemble. Each family is also supplied with concrete rings, a base pan and pipe to build their own “pour flush” toilet – they supply and build the walls and roof. Naturally communities are seeing fewer cases of waterborne illnesses and supernaturally, this project is also giving them exposure and access to the living waters of Jesus Christ.

Asian Outreach staff and local pastors work together with the families, training them on how to care for and maintain their BioSand Filters and latrines. They visit the families multiple times during the year after installation to help ensure the equipment is being cared for properly and to build and maintain relationships with them. Local pastors report that by meeting the practical need for clean water and sanitation, a door is opened for them to share the gospel message and new members are joining their home churches. 


Mrs Run Saron lives with her son, nephew and 79 year-old mother. She used to walk 3km to retrieve water contaminated by arsenic from a stream, then back home again to boil and cool it for her family. The risk of being approached by strangers or poisonous animals in the bush was making her feel very uneasy about the family’s toileting situation. Thanks to kiwi donations those concerns are now in the past. As of a few weeks ago, the family is enjoying clean water from their BioSand Water Filter and they no longer have to use the bush!


Mr Chan Run is a 59 year old farmer and father of three wanting to provide a good life for his family. But they currently drink from a contaminated water source and use the bush behind their house as their toilet. Mr Run knows other families in the area using BioSand WaterFilters and latrines provided by Asian Outreach and their families suffer far less sickness than his. He’s now waiting his turn to receive the gift of clean water and sanitation and even as he waits, he remains thankful. “Thank you so much that you help the poor in situations like mine” he says. “Your love has shown me the real love of God”.





80% of deaths in Cambodia are due to unclean water or poor sanitation. We’d love your help to reverse that statistic. Each Biosand Water Filter and latrine set costs $500 NZ. If you’d like to financially contribute towards one, even if it’s $10 or $20, we would be very grateful! Please either make a bank transaction into our account: 01-0434-0091261-02, with the reference “WATSAN”. Or click the donate button below to make a donation with paypal.