Although there are many churches in Mongolia, pastors still struggle to lead and grow their churches and are hungry for training to improve their skills and increase their understanding of the bible.

Genesis Asian Outreach Mongolia (GAOM) has a vision for their whole nation to hear about the good news of Jesus. Part of this is through the Great Commission Institute (GCI) which runs trainings for church and business leaders to be effective in extending the Kingdom of God to those around them. Classes are designed to help local pastors understand God’s mission for the world and view their church members as fellow ministers in their communities. Once they catch hold of that vision, they’re inspired to motivate and empower people to reach out to their colleagues and friends with the message of God’s love.

GCI training has been running in Mongolia since 2001, and approximately 70% of Mongolia’s church leaders have attended trainings. These training sessions encourage collaboration and unity between churches as pastors discuss together how to apply the biblical principals to their own situations. 

“I read and took a course on the book of Matthew a couple of times, but this is the first time I learned that it was about the Kingdom of God, which Jesus came to the earth to establish through his church. I felt that my understanding of the ministry seems to be broadened and I have to think and find ways to encourage our members to live out their faith at their homes and workplaces.”
Davaateren, Pastor of Salvation of Jesus church.