Time to celebrate, dream and invest!

Our passion and vision are to help restore hope and dignity to Cambodians by breaking the poverty cycle in rural communities. We realise that restoring fullness of life to those caught in the unrelenting cycle of poverty is a difficult and complicated process that involves sustained and creative partnership in key areas. Cooperating with local leaders and international partners, AOC has been working holistically to see lasting change happen. We believe that for sustainable transformation to happen it needs to be at least four dimensional – physical, spiritual, economic, educational.

What’s next?

As we look towards the next 25 years and a new generation rising, we see there is a great and pressing need. Since the genocide 26 years ago, the growth of the church has been slow but steady, yet it is challenged by the lack of trained leaders. Although the major cities may have some training opportunities, these are not readily available in the rural areas where 75% of the population lives. There is a desperate need in Cambodia for Khmer role models of leadership. Leaders with integrity and a heart for their people. Khmer leaders who love God and are called to serve Him and His people. Christians who are called to be influencers in every sector of their society. There is no guarantee that the doors will always remain open in Cambodia for foreign Christian engagement. However there is still a window of opportunity to internationally inspire, equip and release Khmer leaders.

What is the 25G Fund?

This is a designated fund established to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of AOC by strategically and directly investing into the next generation of emerging Cambodian leaders.

The key focus and goal of this fund is to develop a sustainable cycle of skilled, healthy and empowered Khmer leaders by training them so they can train others. We will do this through a new Leadership Development Track by providing a specialised curriculum running in tandem with intentional coaching and mentoring.

What would training include?

  • A wide range of practical and technical work skills
  • Relational mentoring and coaching on key issues of healthy leadership
  • team building and effective communication
  • All supported with biblical principles, character and ethics, including encouraging relevant cultural and community values.

Who would be trained?

  • Youth and emerging leaders
  • Community and government leaders
  • Business and other professionals
  • Pastors and church planters
  • Teachers and parents

In the first year alone, our plan is to see over 300 leaders trained in Stung Treng Province. We are committed to serve alongside families, farmers, businesses, schools, local churches, government, district and commune leaders to see the ongoing transformation of rural communities.

Partner with Us

Please partner with us in reaching, empowering and equipping the next generation of leaders in Cambodia by giving to the 25G Fund.

The best way to do this, is to set up an annual automatic bank payment into the following account: 01-0434-0091261-02 (use reference “25G”).
Then email admin@asianoutreach.org.nz with your details (name and address), so that we can log your donations correctly in our database and
continue to keep you informed about our work in Cambodia.

You’re welcome to make a one-off donation towards the 25G Fund into the same account above, or through the paypal button below
(using credit card or bank account).