Rural Cambodian women don’t have daccess to basic health-information, but Asian Outreach Cambodia (AOC) is stepping into the gap. Give the gift of knowledge by donating to AOC’s Women’s Development Project today!  Click here to donate with credit card or transfer into our account.

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Knowledge is Power

Women in rural Cambodian villages are being enlightened with new information about their bodies – the kind that we take for granted learning as kids. Through Asian Outreach Cambodia’s (AOC’s) women’s development project, rural women are gaining knowledge and power. 

Each month the women of rural villages gather in the shade for educational sessions on a range of topics including, hygiene, pregnancy, domestic violence and human trafficking.  Often they have no prior understanding of the different phases of their monthly cycles and how that relates to fertility. This information helps them with family-planning.  Most villagers are also naive to the risks of human trafficking. For example, during a workshop in Viel Denh village, the women realised that a young lady, who had left to be married in China, was in fact probably caught up in a trafficking scheme. They became committed to sharing their new knowledge to prevent any repeat incidences of trafficking in their village.


Attendees of Women’s Development Groups make a small donation and receive a kit which contains knickers (a luxury item) and reusable sanitary pads. These products offer them greater freedom, physically and financially. Some teenage girls skip school for a week each month because they don’t have suitable sanitary products. And those women who do buy disposable products, have the environmental issue of rubbish to deal with. As 34 year-old, Kun Navy of Viel Denh village mentions: “with these products there’s no plastic to burn and they’re easy to clean and take with you wherever you’re going.”

AOC staff also teach on health-related topics and distribute kits to intermediate-aged kids in rural schools. This work naturally complements AOC’s other ministries in rural villages, allowing staff to interact with all generations of the community and build trusting relationships in which the love and generosity of Jesus is shared along the way.

Give the gift of knowledge today!

You can help ensure more women get the life-empowering gift of knowledge by donating towards AOC’s Women’s Development Project! Make an online donation via bank transfer (account 01-0434-0091261-02 / reference: “Women”) or click the button below to donate with credit card.