A support example: $70 NZD for a child to receive the LifeSkills training for 9 months.

LifeSkills Values Education Project in Mongolia

In Mongolia, recent prosperity has been undermined by the weak values and ethics of those in power. Additionally, during the struggle to survive the economic depression of the 1990’s many parents failed to impart appropriate values to their children and the results of this are now being seen throughout society. Parents, teachers and Government officials now realize that there is a desperate need for ethics and morality training to the younger generation.

Genesis-AOM has responded to this need by developing the LifeSkills Values Education program, which is focused on developing good character and values in children; enabling them to see that having appropriate values benefits themselves, their families and society as a whole.

A two-year pilot program run in state schools in Nalaikh and Ulaanbaatar, involving just over 1000 students, has been very successful and school directors in those regions are requesting that the project be extended to cover all students.

Over the next three years Genesis-AOM will:

  • assist 7000 Mongolian children to develop good character through a weekly training program.
  • strengthen 5000 families through building good values in their children.
  • enhance education in 30 schools in Ulaanbaatar city and Nalaikh town through providing ethics training to supplement the national curriculum.
  • provide 600 sets of winter clothing to enable impoverished children to continue to attend school through winter (through the Winter Kits project).
A support example: $70 NZD for a child to receive the LifeSkills training for 9 months.