Enkhbayar – Director of Towards Heaven NGO

Two years ago I moved from Ulaanbaatar city to Nalaikh town to work with street people.  Prior to this I had been a businessman.  However, when I became a Christian I started to believe that running a business was worldly and I felt I should focus my time and energy on evangelism and working within the church.  However, my giftings are as a businessman, and when I moved to Nalaikh I quickly realized that there are many opportunities for business here; for example, the raw materials for the construction industry are plentiful there: sand, chalk for plaster, brick-making soil, etc.

Through attending Great Commission Institute training I have come to realize that running a business can have a significant role in society and can be a way in which the church interacts with the community it is part of.  I have decided that if I have the opportunity I will establish a business here in Nalaikh and seek to be a positive influence on my community through it.

Enkhbayar is the man on the left in the photo.