Our New Zealand born missionary and her family have been based in Malaysia for the past seven years with a focus on reaching out to migrant workers. It’s unknown how many migrants are working in Malaysia, as many are there illegally, but some researchers estimate them to number around 5.5 million. The workers often come from very poor rural villages in surrounding Asian nations like Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. They come seeking work opportunities and a better life but instead find themselves working long hours in difficult conditions, often exploited by their employers with threats of deportation.


Migrant ministries
Our missionary partners co-operate with the local church and other mission agencies to run bible classes, English classes and outreach services for young migrant workers. Each week a circuit of night meetings are hosted in three different locations. Most migrant workers initially come to meetings for the social-aspect, because friends have invited them, but they leave impacted by the genuine love of others and God. Many are discovering a faith in Jesus for the first time and becoming committed evangelists who return to their home countries with passion to share the gospel in their own communities.

Contact us if you are interested in a short-term mission trip to be involved in this ministry.

Sponsor a driver in Malaysia
Our mission partners in Malaysia have devised a driver sponsorship programme which provides transport for church-members as well as equipping an individual with the life-long skill of driving. A lot of the migrant workers attending church meetings use public transport and have to walk part of the way home in the dark, which can be unsafe. For most migrant workers, the opportunity to learn to drive or buy a vehicle is out of reach. Sponsoring a Vietnamese migrant worker to get their driver’s license ($800-$1000) and purchasing a car ($1000-$3000 depending on size) for them to use as a taxi for others, means they can be blessed and be a blessing to the church too.

Email AONZ Director, Glenn Carter (, if you’re interested in helping sponsor a driver and would like more information.